Meet Our Team of Experts

Four tenured Healthcare and Educational professionals have united in their mission to insure all vendor employees working in Healthcare facilities receive competency training on the unique challenges and requirements of this environment.

Dr. Tom Royer
CEO Emeritus of CHRISTUS Healthcare

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Dr. Royer is a Partner with Royer-Maddox-Herron Advisors. Prior to that, he was the founding CEO and President of CHRISTUS Health for more than 12 years, during which time he led CHRISTUS to an international health system with 40 hospitals and longterm care facilities. Twice Dr. Royer was named the 6th Most Powerful Physician Executive in Healthcare by Modern Physician Magazine. In 2011, he was awarded the American Hospital Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. In the past 70+ years, only a dozen people have received this award.

Breaking Out of the Healthcare AbyssDr. Royer's recently published book, "Breaking Out of the Health Care Abyss, Transformational tips for Agents of Change" can be purchased through Amazon.

“Knowing, indeed, is not enough. This book cuts through the clutter for leaders and provides a pathway for action.” - John Hornbeak, retired CEO Methodist Healthcare System

“Healthcare team members need to be committed to results, not just talk. This book provides a framework for governance and leadership to become agents of change.” - Mary Stefl, PhD, Professor and Chair Department of Healthcare Administration, Trinity University

Jack Rutledge
President and Owner of National Healthcare ED

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Jack founded National Healthcare ED for the purpose of creating a quality, online competency training program for the employees of the vendors/contractors that work in Healthcare, so that those employees would understand “What’s different about working in Healthcare?”. Earlier in his career, in addition to being the founder and President of Rutledge Environmental, Jack spent 15 years handling the conferences, training programs, and administrative responsibilities of the Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers. It was during his tenure with KSHE that he saw a glaring lack of effective training programs for Healthcare contractors and their employees. In response to those observations, Jack set about developing a series of educational programs, then assembled a Team of experts to help deliver the training, and that became the springboard to the online Priority One-Competency Training for Healthcare Vendor Employees.

Gary Slack
Host and Co-author

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Gary Slack is President of Healthcare Engineering Consultants in Springfield, Ohio. He has more than 35 years of experience in teaching, research, clinical engineering and regulatory management in the Healthcare industry. Gary has published many articles and has written or contributed to five books that focus on Healthcare Physical Environment related topics. He has served on several national technical committees, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), OPUS Communications and the Healthcare Safety Institute.

Dr. Jim Klauber
President of Calhoun Community College

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Calhoun is the largest Community College in the State of Alabama and in 2015, under Dr. Klauber’s leadership, was recognized by the Aspen Institute as being among the Top Ten percent of all community colleges in America. Dr. Klauber is a native of South Carolina. He retired from the SC Army National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Judge Advocate General Corps after 27 years of service, including a 10-month tour of duty in Kosovo in 2003. He obtained his undergraduate degree from The Citadel in 1989; received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of South Carolina in 1993; and earned his PhD in Higher Education Administration from the University of South Carolina in 2009.

“Non-trained vendor employees don’t realize they can negatively impact patient circumstances. There are several documented cases where patients died from issues related to vendor performed projects in Hospitals.” – Dr. Tom Royer